Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87198231063
Conference ID: 87198231063
Access code: 034624
(same link and code for coming days)

Language: Invited talks scheduled before lunch are planned in English. Most of the afternoon talks will be in Russian.

Video of the talks on YouTube:

July 5, Mon
10:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/Me9kotn6zmw
15:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/soDRk-IfGB8

July 6, Tue
10:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/3dcz8ocNIYY
15:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/WqmMNgUwUgQ

July 7, Wed
10:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/xsmuTNweamQ
15:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/llPS8brTUDg

July 8, Thu
10:00 (GMT+7) https://youtu.be/ZVR1fAT3vBc