The conference Groups and quandles in low-dimensional topology is organized by the Regional Scientific and Educational Mathematical Center of the Tomsk State University jointly with the Faculty of Mathematics of Higher School of Economics and Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet. The conference will be held in Tomsk, Russia, July 5 — 8, 2021 in a hybrid format — offline and online at Zoom.The reports will be broadcast via youtube.


A typical feature of the modern low-dimensional topology is the active use of such rich algebraic structures as groups, semigroups, quandles (distributive groupoids), and algebras. This allows us to construct strong invariants of knots and links, braids and virtual braids, three-dimensional manifolds. At the conference, new results on these topological objects obtained using algebraic methods will be presented and discussed.

Program Committee

  • Vassily Gorbounov (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
  • Sergei Nechaev (Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet, Moscow)
  • Mahender Singh (IISER, Mohali)
  • Andrei Vesnin (Regional Scientific and Educational Mathematical Center, Tomsk State University, Tomsk)

Organizing Committee

  • Nikolay Abrosimov
  • Andrei Bart
  • Anna Chelnokova
  • Leonid Genze
  • Tatyana Kozlovskaya